Pets Get Physical offer a variety of services for your pet, specialising in dog walking, pet sitting - feeding your pet, house sitting, basic obedience training and pet waste collection services.


Poo Patrol

Pets Get Physical Poo Patrol Service Sydney can pop over once or twice a week. Alternatively, feel free to ask us to remove your pets waste after any pet sitting, house sitting or dog walking service. You read it correctly. Dog poop. Poo Patrol. We are your local Pet Waste Removal Service. And proud of it!

Everybody doe’s it and someone has to clean it. Poo patrol…Nobody likes to step in it right? Especially our pets. All of them.

Animals (dogs) in particular, due to the nature of this service, are not comfortable being near faeces. Let alone stepping in it. Some may eat it but that is a different issue entirely. Animals really do not like to eat in the same area that they urinate or defaecate in as well so let your local pet waste removal representative, remove it for you.

Lets keep all areas separate. We don’t like to eat next to the toilet and the same applies to our family pets.

The Dirt on Dog Poo…

Pet waste can carry bacteria like E. Coli that can cause diarrhoea, organisms like Giardia that can cause nausea and bacteria like salmonella that attack the intestinal tract. By keeping the kids away from faeces you also prevent the spread of roundworm and hookworm.

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The smell of doggy doo can turn anyones stomach, attract flies, germs, and pollute the nearby water supply. Pet waste contains nasty bacteria that can affect anyone that may come into contact with it. Your local ‘Poo Patroller’ can help keep your children and your pet away from the dog poo.


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