Don't breed or buy while homeless pets die


Pets Get Physical Dog Walking & Pet Feeding service kicked off in 2008. Kristy has a caring, gentle nature, being drawn to animals from an early age. This connection would inevitably, carry on throughout her working career.

With well over 20 years of experience, in various facets of the animal industry, commitment & dedication to you & your pet, our goal is to help prevent your pet from ending up in the local animal shelter. Our business was started to help encourage & assist with responsible pet ownership. Service you can trust.

Our Qualifications

  • Volunteer grooming salon + veterinary clinic prior to Tafe

  • 1995: Certificate in Animal Attending

  • 1996: Wildlife Rehabilitation-mammals workshop

  • 1997: Certificate in Enrolled Veterinary Nursing

  • 2000: Advanced Certificate in Veterinary Nursing

  • 2004: Companion Animals Authorised Identifier Accredited

  • 2012: Pet-tech Pet First Aid accredited

  • 2009 + 2014 National Police criminal record approved including fingerprints.

  • 2015: Small Business Management

  • 2016: Currently studying Dog Psychology & Training

  • 2017: Leadership & Communication

  • 2019 Animal Massage workshop

Pet Identification 

Is your pet microchipped and wearing identification with your current mobile number clearly visible? In the event of a lost pet, without a chip, collar with clear and easy to read contact details, they may never make it home. CLICK the red collar below to order your pet a collar, before you wish you had.

  • If your best contact telephone number changes, please let your local council or vet clinic know so they can update your pets details easily. It is free.

  • If you relocate to a new address, let your local council or vet clinic know so they can update your pets details. It is free.

Give your local vet, council a call today to check the status of your precious pets’ chip details. At every vet check, ask staff to scan your pet. We need to make sure it is still there and easy to locate. It is free.

Microchips can fall out and most certainly can move & may be missed when scanned. This means, sadly, your pet may be euthanased.

If your pet ends up lost and is lucky enough to end up at the pound, and doesn't get hit by a car in the process;

  • Non microchipped pets have 7 days.

  • Microchipped pets only have 14 days.

Millions of dogs and cats are euthanased every single day, simply because they are lost and your local council can't find you, so lets give our pets the best chance of making their way home as quickly and safely as possible.

We encourage desexing


No dogs are walked in our groups that are not desexed. There are many health benefits in doing so, please visit your local vet for further details. If you are thinking about purchasing a new pet. Contact your local pet rescue organisation today.

Last year, 49,189 dogs + 49,236 cats ended up in (1) animal shelter alone. Thats just (1) pound. Many more shelters in NSW are over full. Lost, scared and unloved dogs and cats hope their special new family rescues them, to love them unconditionally, as they do us.

Pet Emergency Plan

Would you know what to do if you had an emergency with your pet? Call Sarah from PETTECH today on 0414 073 755. The RSPCA can also send you a free pocket first aid hand book. Call RSPCA on 1300 278 3589 for your free booklet.

Leave a list of all the animals on your property so that everyone is aware of how many pets are inside, and can be rescued in the event of an emergency. 

  • First Aid kit.

  • Have an emergency plan.

  • Enrol in the next Pet First Aid course.

  • Have as much information of your pet/s health as possible.

  • Phone number, address of your closest 24 hour Emergency Veterinary surgery.

  • Phone number of your pets current veterinarian or local vet details.

Thank you for your support






  • Australian Quarantine Station Sydney (no longer in operation).