Pets Get Physical offer a variety of services for your pet, specialising in dog walking, pet sitting - feeding your pet, house sitting, dog obedience training and pet waste collection services.


House Sitting

House Sitting helps by:

  • Convenience: At Pets Get Physical, we come to you.
  • Daily dog walking available.
  • Preventing the spread of fleas and ticks.
  • Eliminating the trauma of being transported.
  • Your pet will be more comfortable in their own home.
  • Minimising exposure to illnesses of other animals and diseases.

Yes. Your Pets Get Physical representative provides "live in security" – know that your property is being occupied through the evening hours during your absence as we will move into your home until your return. If you travel for work, have to go into hospital or simply need to get away for a couple of days  to wind down.

Pay one reasonable fee to have a professional provide all the care you need. No more having to rely on friends and family to take care of your pet, home and garden. While we are there, we can walk the dog at a discounted rate. Pets Get Physical will feed the pets and ensure that both your pets and home are well cared for. 

All reasonable steps are taken to ensure the safety and security of your loved ones, home and contents while you are away from home.

Our Guarantee: At Pets Get Physical, we understand we can’t replace your love, but while we house sit for you, your pet will be comforted with an endless supply of love and affection.

Daily duties may include:

  • Txt msgs on how your pet is going.
  • Daily dog walking available.
  • Provide fresh water daily.
  • Feed your pet with food you provide.
  • Bowls cleaned.
  • Collect mail.
  • Bins in/out.
  • Water plants.
  • Spend time with your pets.
  • Clean kitty litter trays.
  • Poo patrol if a proper long handled scoop provided (no shovels).
  • Brush your pet.
  • Change/tidy your pets bedding.
  • Home security checks.
  • Your place is left clean and tidy if you leave a broom & dust pan.
  • Pets left content.
  • Other odd jobs available.
  • Floors are kept clean.
  • We come to you!

Your thoughts and comments are important. So that we continue to grow, ensuring we stay communicating and working well with you, your feed back is encouraged. This will ensure that you and your pet, continues to receive the service and care you deserve. Contact Pets Get Physical today.