Pets Get Physical offer a variety of services for your pet, specialising in dog walking, pet sitting - feeding your pet, house sitting, dog obedience training and pet waste collection services.


Dog Walking

A happy, well exercised dog is one less dog in the pound. At Pets Get Physical, if we can prevent your pet ending up at the local dog animal shelter, our job is complete.

Our goal is to allow our clients, no matter what their situation, to relax. Guilt free. Knowing they can rely on the Pets Get Physical team to provide a stimulated, fun loving visit.

Your Pets Get Physical Dog Walking Sydney representative will work with you, step by step to ensure you are informed of your dogs progress along the way. Together, we can put together a dog walking plan to ensure you both receive the results you are looking for.

Do any of the following apply to your dog?

  • Barking.

  • Shyness.

  • Digging.

  • Escaping.

  • Jumping up.

  • Poor socialisation.

  • Pulling on the lead.

  • Chewing everything.

  • Not coming when called.

  • Signs of separation anxiety.

  • Ripping clothes from the line.

Daily dog walking may or may not help to solve behavioural problems. As dog walking may not resolve all problems, if you brought a dog into your family, you have now taken on the responsibility for the life time of your pet. If you are not in the position to walk your dog each day, give Pets Get Physical a call today.

Dogs, like humans, are very social creatures. Daily dog walking really can provide the relief you and your pet need to help prevent an endless list of problems occurring. If your dog behaves in an unwanted manner, in and around the home, when visitors arrive or when out in a public place, there can be many reasons that your dog is displaying this behaviour.

We may walk your dog with another dog if we are happy how your pet interacts with others, and if your dog regularly socialises with other dogs. Dogs that your pet doesn’t already know. To earn your pet free dog walks, call Kristy today to find out more.


Walking services:

  • Cat walking

  • Individual dog walking

  • Group walks for the sociable pet – however conditions do apply

Where do we walk?

Your dog may go swimming, bush walking and rock climbing. Group dog walks may be available if we have 2-3 dogs to join us but mostly, these days we tend to encourage on-leash sessions. If the dog park is quiet or empty, we may visit the dog park to break our session up.  Generally, we like to go somewhere different each dog walking session we do.

Your pets health and safety is our priority.

Pets Get Physical can help with:

  • Daily dog walking services

  • Saving you time: If you can’t seem to find the time, we can help.

  • Aged care services for your senior pet: Let us help you if you or your dog is elderly and not as active as you used to be. Pensioner services available.

  • Post surgery visits for your pet: If your pet is aged, recovering from surgery or just a little frail these days, we’d love to help.

  • Toilet breaks for your pet: We will help where we can so feel free to ask us.

  • Dog obedience training: Teaching you and your dog to walk on the leash with out the fuss is encouraged.

  • Socialisation: Dogs gradually become more comfortable in the company of others as they spend time out and about so let your Pets Get Physical representative show you and your pet, just how much they can learn to socialise better with dogs and humans.

We provide:

  • Toys.

  • Leads.

  • Treats.

  • Poo bags.

  • First-Aid Kit.

  • Plenty of loving.

  • We bring the dog leads all we need is your dog.

Your thoughts and comments are important. So that we continue to grow, ensuring we stay communicating and working well with you, your feed back is encouraged. This will ensure that you and your pet, continues to receive the service and care you deserve. Contact Pets Get Physical today.